Yes, we do Web startups!

Get Involved
1. Join the PSL talk list.
2. Follow Technically Philly.
3. If a hacker, join Philly Startup Hackers.
4. Go to events (like ours).
5. Meet people 1-1 like @ohours.
6. Check out co-working spaces.

Get Funding
• List of early stage angels/VCs.
• Apply to Open Angel Forum.
• Consider an accelerator.
• Check out the Dorm Room Fund.

Get Hired
appRenaissance (Center City)
azavea (Center City)
cloudmine (Venturef0rth)
DuckDuckGo (Paoli)
HigherNext (Venturef0rth)
monetate (Conshohocken)
NextDocs (Conshohocken)
PeopleLinx (Center City)
Perceptual Networks (Center City)
PiplineDeals (Wayne)
Relay (Radnor)
Revzilla (Center City)
RJMetrics (Center City)
SnipSnap (Venturef0rth)
Ticketleap (Center City)
Wizehive (Conshohocken)
Zonoff (Malvern)

2013.12 ThingWorx ($112M on $16M to PTC )
2012.02 LiftDNA (~$40M on $1M to OpenX )
2011.07 myYearbook ($100M on $17M to Quepasa)
2011.07 Alteva ($17M to WVT Communications, bootstrapped)
2011.06 Portico (>20M on $8M to McKesson)
2011.03 GSI Commerce ($2.4B to eBay)
2010.11 Boomi (~$80M on $5M to Dell)
2010.07 Invite Media ($81M on $5M to Google)

Series B & Beyond
2013.12 monetate ($85M, $45M total)
2013.09 NextDocs ($13.5M, $25M total)
2013.01 Neat ($100M+ revenue, $15M raised)
2012.11 Revzilla ($40M+ revenue, Bootstrapped)

Series A Fundings
2013.08 Clutch ($5M, $5.5M total)
2013.06 Artisan Mobile ($5.5M, $7M total)
2013.05 RJMetrics ($6.2M, $7.5M total)
2013.04 Zonoff ($3.8M, $4.5M total)
2013.03 PeopleLinx ($3.2M)
2013.01 sidecar ($1.5M, $4M total)
2013.01 Curalate ($3M)
2011.10 DuckDuckGo ($3M)
2011.09 Xtium ($11.5M)
2011.08 ChoozOn ($3.2M)
2011.04 TicketLeap ($2.2M, $7.5M total)
2010.10 Relay ($6M)

Seed Fundings
Too many to track/list at this point.

Please let me know if you have any changes/additions.